Taxonomic status:Accepted

Occurrence status:Present

Establishment means:Native

Monoecious or dioecious herbs or shrubs; branchlets often ribbed, sometimes viscid. Leaves alternate, sometimes absent or reduced to scales, entire, shortly petiolate, often asymmetric; stipules small. Flowers mostly fascicled, axillary; peduncles absent. Male flowers: sepals 6, in 2 whorls, free or variously connate and then forming a tube or cup; disc absent; stamens 3 opposite outer sepals, filaments connate or sometimes free. Female flowers: sepals 6, in 2 whorls, free or variously connate; disc absent; ovary ovoid, 3 locular, ovules 2 per locule, styles short and broad, entire or often bifid, free or variously connate. Capsule ovoid, inconspicuously lobed (in Victoria), rarely fleshy or berry like; seeds triquetrous and usually elongate.

50 species, worldwide; 25 species (24 endemic) in Australia, in all States except Tasmania.

Source: Hunter, J.T.; Bruhl, J.J. (1999). Sauropus. In: Walsh, N.G.; Entwisle, T.J. (eds), Flora of Victoria Vol. 4, Cornaceae to Asteraceae. Inkata Press, Melbourne.
Updated by: Val Stajsic, 2018-08-30
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life Life
kingdom Plantae
phylum Tracheophyta
superorder Rosanae
order Malpighiales
Higher taxa
genus Sauropus
Subordinate taxa