Pterostylis sp. aff. revoluta (Inland)

Taxonomic status:Accepted

Occurrence status:Present

Establishment means:Native

Flowering plant to 25 cm tall, stem leaves 3–5, closely sheathing to spreading. Rosette leaves 3–4, ovate to oblong, 1–4.5 cm long, 0.5–1.8 cm wide, petiolate, margins entire. Flower 4.5–7 cm long, slightly nodding, green and white with red or red-brown suffusions in the galea; dorsal sepal with a filiform point to 12 mm long; lateral sepals erect, tightly embracing the galea, sinus broadly v-shaped when viewed from the front, nearly flat or protruding in a shallow curve when viewed from the side, free points to 4.5 cm long, filiform, erect or usually recurved; petal margins not flared. Labellum narrowly ovate-lanceolate, long-acuminate, 18–24 mm long, 3–4 mm wide, dark red-brown, curved, the distal half protruding from the sinus in the set position. Flowers Feb.–Jun.

Widespread and often locally common on ridges and slopes in open-forest from near the coast to inland areas, on well-drained soils.

Pterostylis revoluta from south-eastern Qld. to the central NSW coast is similar in overall appearance, but has smaller flowers with shorter filiform points on the sepals.

Source: Jones, D.L. (1994). Pterostylis. In: Walsh, N.G.; Entwisle, T.J. (eds), Flora of Victoria Vol. 2, Ferns and Allied Plants, Conifers and Monocotyledons. Inkata Press, Melbourne (as Pterostylis revoluta R.Br.).
Updated by: Jeff Jeanes, 2015-06-16
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life Life
kingdom Plantae
phylum Tracheophyta
superorder Lilianae
order Asparagales
family Orchidaceae
genus Pterostylis
Higher taxa