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Flora of Victoria

Blackstonia perfoliata (L.) Huds.


Fl. Angl. 146 (1762) APNI

Taxonomic status:Accepted

Occurrence status:Present

Establishment means:Naturalised

Erect glaucous herb, 10–45 cm high. Leaves ovate, 5–25 mm long, 2–20 mm wide, shortly connate at base, basal leaves often clustered. Flowers 1–few, on pedicels 5–30 mm long. Calyx c. 1 cm long; lobes 6–8, subulate, united for 1–2 mm at base; lower part of corolla-tube 2–4 mm long, thinly membranous, enlarging in fruit, corolla-lobes and upper part of tube yellow, distinctly thickened relative to lower tube and together 7–9 mm long; style c. 2 mm long. Capsule ellipsoid, 6–8 mm long, remaining enclosed in enlarged corolla-tube; seeds blackish, reticulate. Flowers Nov.–Feb.

*Glep. Also naturalised SA. Native to Europe and Mediterranean area. Known in Victoria by 3 collections from the far south-west where (as in SA occurrences) apparently confined to shallow soils derived from limestone.

Source: Walsh, N.G. (1999). Gentianaceae. In: Walsh, N.G.; Entwisle, T.J. (eds), Flora of Victoria Vol. 4, Cornaceae to Asteraceae. Inkata Press, Melbourne.
Updated by: Val Stajsic, 2018-02-01
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life Life
kingdom Plantae
phylum Tracheophyta
superorder Asteranae
order Gentianales
family Gentianaceae
genus Blackstonia
Higher taxa


Source: AVH (2014). Australia's Virtual Herbarium, Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria, <http://avh.chah.org.au>. Find Blackstonia perfoliata in AVH ; Victorian Biodiversity Atlas, © The State of Victoria, Department of Environment and Primary Industries (published Dec. 2014) Find Blackstonia perfoliata in Victorian Biodiversity Atlas

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  Bioregion Occurrence status Establishment means
Glenelg Plain present naturalised

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South Australia