Senecio georgianus DC.

Prodr. 6: 371 (1838) APNI

Taxonomic status:Accepted

Occurrence status:Extinct

Establishment means:Native

Threat status:EPBC: extinct (EX); Victoria: extinct (x)

Slender, erect, possibly rhizomatous perennial to c. 60 cm high; at least young growth whitish from a covering of matted cobwebby hairs, older stems glabrescent. Leaves pseudopetiolate, not auriculate, narrowly oblanceolate to linear, 3–10 cm long, 2–5(–8) mm wide, entire or serrate; margins of at least the narrower upper leaves usually revolute; upper surface finally glabrous or sparsely cobwebbed, lower surface usually remaining whitish-cobwebbed. Inflorescence corymbose, 3–6 cm across in most specimens, with c. 15–30 capitula; capitula non-radiate; involucre cylindric or narrow-campanulate, 5–7 mm long, cobwebbed at base; bracts c. 12, recurved at apex at anthesis; bracteoles present; florets c. 30–40, all bisexual. Cypselas cylindric or truncated-fusiform, 2–2.5 mm long, brown, broadly ribbed, densely papillose-hairy in intervening grooves; pappus of slender hairs 5–7 mm long, deciduous. Flowers Dec.–Jan.

Also NSW (presumed extinct), Tas (presumed extinct). Known in Victoria by a few pre-1900 specimens from Lake Omeo near Benambra, and Macalister River, but apparently now extinct in this and other States.

Source: Walsh, N.G. (1999). Senecio. In: Walsh, N.G.; Entwisle, T.J. (eds), Flora of Victoria Vol. 4, Cornaceae to Asteraceae. Inkata Press, Melbourne.
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life Life
kingdom Plantae
phylum Tracheophyta
superorder Asteranae
order Asterales
family Asteraceae
genus Senecio
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Source: AVH (2014). Australia's Virtual Herbarium, Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria, <>. Find Senecio georgianus in AVH ; Victorian Biodiversity Atlas, © The State of Victoria, Department of Environment and Primary Industries (published Dec. 2014) Find Senecio georgianus in Victorian Biodiversity Atlas
  Bioregion Occurrence status Establishment means
Wimmera extinct native
Victorian Volcanic Plain extinct native
Gippsland Plain extinct native
Dundas Tablelands extinct native
Highlands-Southern Fall extinct native
Highlands-Northern Fall extinct native
Victorian Alps extinct native

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New South Wales