Taxonomic status:Accepted

Occurrence status:Present

Establishment means:Native

Terrestrial orchids growing singly or in loose groups, each arising from a subterranean fleshy tuber.  Leaf solitary, slender, terete, hollow, with a short free lamina.  Flowers few to many, subsessile, labellum uppermost in flower, small, dull-coloured, in a terminal inflorescence; perianth segments glabrous or hairy, often with an apical gland; dorsal sepal cucullate; lateral sepals narrow, divergent or parallel, sometimes gibbous at the base;  petals small.  Labellum articulated on a short basal claw, undivided, margins entire, denticulate or coarsely ciliate;  callus fleshy, usually channelled towards the base.  Column short, with bilobed wings, the anterior wing largest, entire or ciliate.

About 50 species, all but 3 endemic to Australia (2 also occurring in New Zealand and one endemic to New Caledonia), 11 species in Victoria. In Australia most species occur in temperate and subtropical regions of the eastern States, only a single species occurs in south-west Western Australia.

Formerly included in Prasophyllum and then Genoplesium, but now considered distinct from these genera.

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