Salix ×sepulcralis nothovar. chrysocoma (Dode) Meikle

Watsonia 15: 274 (1985) APNI

Taxonomic status:Accepted

Occurrence status:Present

Establishment means:Naturalised

Diagnostic features as in key. Flowers Sep.–Oct.

Also naturalised SA, NSW.

A garden hybrid originating in Europe.

Salix ×sepulcralis nothovar. chrysocoma (S. alba var. vitellina × S. babylonica) is very widely planted for ornament and stream stabilization in southeastern Australia and is commonly naturalized. It was formerly identified with S. babylonica by Australian authors and frequently occurs with that species, sometimes as the more abundant taxon. Reproduction is mostly vegetative, but seed is set in Victoria. While generally distinctive in twig coloration, specimens are not always positively identifiable; it is likely to be connected with other weeping willow taxa by intermediates.

A weeping willow commonly naturalized along the lower Mitchell River resembles nothovar. chrysocoma but trees are of unusually low stature and have slightly flexuose branches and twigs; it may be related to S. ×sepulcralis ‘Erythroflexuosa’ (S. matsudana ‘Tortuosa’ × S. sepulcralis nothovar. chrysocoma) but lacks the contorted leaves of that taxon. Further study is required.

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